About Us


The Songket of Indonesia

Adis Songket is a family home industry belong to Hj. Maria and Kiagus H.A Karim that build in 2001. They took 'Adis' name because it is the name of their only one daughter, Nyayu Nur Komaria, S.Kom.

Adis Songket Palembang has begun by Mrs. Hj Maria Karim who lived in 13 Ulu Plaju, one of Songket crafter center in Palembang.

Hj Maria was one of Songket crafter since 13 years old. Songket has became one of part of her life. Beside explore her culture, she also can get some money from her hobby.

Since 1998 Hj Maria began to having Songket home industry in her house in 13 Ulu and slowly she have some Songket crafter about 30 persons. Since that time, Hj Maria began to become the patent distributor in some famous boutique and Songket house in Palembang city.

There are many people interested with Adis Songket product, both from Palembang city and the other big city in Indonesia, such as; Lampung, Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

Since at that time, there are many companies and some organization interesting to join with Adis Songket and become their partner. Through Nyayu Nur Komaria (Adis), Hj Maria's daughter, Adis Songket Palembang begin to introduce herself to all area of Indonesia and even to the world, through on line media.