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Sumatra is one island I wish I can visit. Since it is not part of my business itinerary, I make do by partaking of the incredibly spicy and unique cuisine it is most famous for, the Masak Padang.

The best place to have Padang food in Bali is the small local unassuming eatery, the Minang Saiyo near the airport. It is also one place where you can see an authentic Minangkabau wedding banquet hall as well.

One striking feature of the wedding stage is a triangular ceiling overhang (upper left)of brocade and bright buntings showcasing the fabulous Minangkabau songket. By its walls are large drapes of (polyester) silk hangings featuring the unique embroidery using gold and silver threads and sequins. Also prominent is the 2-layer payung or umbrella (lower right)which rightfully honors the woman for after all this ethnic group of West Sumatra, while Islamic, remains strongly matriarchal.

Glorious food, cheap (!) prices, stunning setting, what more do you need?

the Rumah Masak (Restaurant) Minang Saiyo, Jln Raya Bypass Ngurah Rai, Tuban, Bali, Indonesia

more Padang restaurant recommendations in Loving Masakan Padang at

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Date: 2005-10-31 20:59:29

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Beautiful! *Speechless*
* Beezy * 2005-10-31 21:09:56
beautiful fabric! love the intricacy!
getthebubbles 2005-10-31 21:11:19
gorgeous! i uttered a gasp! really incredible colors and patterns, tapestry rainbow.
Shooting Chris 2005-10-31 21:14:33
Wow, you know lots about Bali. :) I wonder if they have some spicy vegetarian food.
DaDaiErDai 2005-10-31 21:48:13
shimmertje 2005-10-31 21:48:22
Very interesting! I will keep that in mind.. Such great shots, Farl. :)
Spiegelbild 2005-10-31 22:00:26
thanks everyone. I will be off to the cemetery early tomorrow but before getting into bed, I really appreciate your visits, comments and favorites.

vergeterian food? hmmm, let me sit on that first...
Farl 2005-10-31 22:08:54
That's awesome.
Andrew Morrell Photography 2005-10-31 22:58:40
what a great review you have.. *sigh* i wish there were more Indo ppl as appreciative as you!
primarita 2005-11-01 02:02:28
colorful culture! nice...
Odz 2005-11-01 02:22:51
So rich of colors!!
Nice pattern!!
blaumond 2005-11-01 03:32:37
Wonderful and colorful fabrics and they work so well all together!
soniaesse 2005-11-01 03:46:30
rose_moraes 2005-11-01 04:52:34
love it
Mary Hockenbery (reddirtrose) 2005-11-01 07:18:31
thanks everyone.

More than the visual appeal- which could be garish if you take it without the perspective of the Mingankabau culture- I posted this to show the variety of people Indonesia has. So I appreciate very much your comments and favorites. One of these days, I will buy a Minangkabau songket for my fabric collection.

Daniel, Bali is a cosmopolitan place. From Mexican to Indian to Italian, you get all cuisines. But Balinese vegeterians are unheard of. Certainly, dishes of vegetables that they serve are spicy, as are most of Indo food. So are Muslim food too. One thing to try is plecing kangkung or spicy water lettuce, a Lombok delicay.

cheers everyone.
Farl 2005-11-01 14:39:54
After having read your description...I want to visit sumatra! fascinating colours :)
sarettola 2005-11-01 16:21:59
nice vivid colors!
ali reza_parsi 2005-11-01 17:18:13
Very nice Farl
~Sonnenaufgang~ 2005-11-01 18:05:03
Great shot of this one Farl! Thanks for the wonderful information about Sumatra! You're so good in everything!!And i admire you for that!! :o)...but of course!... "kababayan ko ata yan!!" Thanks!! See you around! Keep on posting too! :o)
Pinklaine 2005-11-01 20:56:29
beautiful vibrant colors, salamat farl!
Merly *Sunflower* Busy *on and off* 2005-11-02 00:37:05
I recomend you to visit sardinia. it's magic:)
sarettola 2005-11-02 01:45:25
great silk..

and the bug of quadmosaic bit you too eh?
Nav A. 2005-11-02 17:47:42
Sooooooo Beautiful!!!!!
Sunshine Aurora 2005-11-02 21:09:01
salamat everybody. I'm a sucker for colors.

and Nav A, I'm a bit timid with mosaic as they are manipulative but it allows me to tell a story so yes, I may be using the technique occasionally.
Farl 2005-11-03 10:36:04

(Please submit this to the "Yeah!" group)
Shooting Chris 2005-11-03 12:31:40
Farl, this is absolutely beautiful. I love fabrics and here you've captured some pieces of real beauty.
Lynn. 2005-11-05 00:35:59
Pure romance!
Mattie & Den 2005-11-11 09:13:18
Wow. Those colours make me greedy!
Catharina58 2005-11-24 15:48:08
thanks for the comments, favorites and views. The real beauty belongs to the Minangkabau people. cheers.
Farl 2005-11-25 07:15:23
Fantastic photo, colors and texture!!!
vanvos 2006-04-05 19:22:16
Nice color !!
july3h 2006-06-22 10:25:27
This is soo lovely, I have had it favorited for some time. I love the colors and the rich embroidery. I wish I could have a pile of this fabric!
HeatherSB 2006-07-13 10:12:00
Being hispanic, I'm a big time sucker for colors too - the more the merrier! Great cultural photographs!
justiceandcontrastchic 2006-07-22 06:49:39
Farl, can't tell if it's my roots or my deep admiration toward colourful fabrics...but I truly love all your photos- and this one in particular!
Such a lovely composition :-)

Thank you so much, for sharing!
sit back- enjoy
doppeltbelichtet@ ipernity! 2006-08-26 00:47:44
Great picture farl.
George Augustine 2006-09-26 20:47:46
Farl this is really incredible! I've never seen this one of yours before!
Alexander Yates 2006-09-28 01:20:48
Enchanting textiles..
*DaniGanz* 2006-10-06 21:08:54
Thank you for posting this in the Top 10
Interestingness Pool
Randy 2006-10-07 19:29:17
love the bottom left, farl :)
igbylover 2006-11-08 10:26:40
what an image to start my weekend...
my wishes that you have a nice one as well...
poly_mnia 2006-11-11 12:32:39
This photo is a feast for my eyes! Thank you also for sharing further information about the subjects. Excellent work!
Amie V 2006-11-18 11:47:19
fabulous!!! thank you so much :)
fruitfly7 2007-03-05 03:12:50
this is really beautiful! very nice work!
Bill from Boston 2007-03-31 21:18:07
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Colour Art Awards ~*Invited Images Only-=Post 1, Award 3=-, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
Mustangaly911 2007-07-08 09:36:31
Your fantastic color picture is my winner!
Please add this photo to
Schantzen Photography 2007-07-27 03:51:10
Hi, I'm an admin for a group called My Stars!, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
Lynn (Gracie's mom) 2007-08-14 03:06:22
the wonderful Minang!
katie jean 2007-08-19 14:04:06
Great picture Farl. I got to say: One time i was looking for pactures from Africa and I see you in the top, this time I was looking for 'collage' and I see you there. I was looking for 'bali'and you pop up. You are ubiquitous on Flickr and rightfully so!
Ed_X 2007-08-27 13:57:41
interesting.... excellent composition...
Swathi Soren 2007-09-13 20:48:54
Wow! What fabulous color! Consider adding your photo to the brand new "Awnings, overhangings & outcroppings" pool!
lookieloo62 2007-09-24 07:18:13
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! loved this colors together!
Gabi Butcher 2007-10-10 00:28:51
That is INCREDIBLE! I'm really loving flicking through your photos - there's a life to each of them that tells a beautiful story.
mangomusic 2007-10-16 23:45:08
Nice colour !!!!!!!!
Love from Love Moon Idea 2008-02-09 16:17:12
thanks a lot for the visit!
Farl 2008-05-22 15:38:23
Donatello chez les fauves - Donatello in mezzo alle belve
` (RED) ғяαиcєѕcσ 2008-07-14 18:08:53
Really beautiful. Such sumptuous rich colours.
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margee_s 2009-06-09 03:32:52
Stunning photo. Love all the color & texture.
Miles o' Textiles 2011-01-13 07:50:48

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