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Weaving Songket

Weaving Songket
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Lombok is known for it's unique variation of ikat, the light patterned "songket" textile.
Songket is a fabric that belongs to the brocade family of textiles of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. It is hand-woven in silk or cotton, and intricately patterned with gold or silver threads. The metallic threads stand out against the background cloth to create a shimmering effect. In the weaving process the metallic threads are inserted in between the silk or cotton weft (latitudinal) threads.
The culture and traditional weaving are inherited by their ancestors. Even today, mothers pass down their unique skills to their daughters. They produce beautiful artistic woven cloth which has exclusive design. They use cotton, silk, golden silk and silver yarns material.
Date: 2011-10-26 02:55:00

Lombok Indonesia Sasak songket loom weaving woman lady work textile fabric candid colors portrait candid portrait Canon Canon 7d

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suka foto ini ....
irawan yani putro 2011-10-25 10:15:55
Great shot !!!
Ken-Zan 2011-10-25 10:20:30
Mat texturonline 2011-10-25 10:29:59
Another fascinating insight my friend, gorgeous real life image, a great series! Happy travels and a wonderful week!
|| UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL || 2011-10-25 10:31:16
Un très beau reportage qui nous montre la vie d'un Pays et de ses habitants. Vos photos sont très belles, très humaines.
scintillating curve 2011-10-25 11:03:17
Jolie image, belle composition
ceaseless reward 2011-10-25 11:56:36
Wonderful portrait, great composition and colours!
plausible skin 2011-10-25 12:04:18
I love this image! Thanks for sharing my country's heritage to the world, Jean!
lyrical stick 2011-10-25 12:04:55
Fabrizio Spagnolo 2011-10-25 12:07:17
Like this lIFE STYLE
HamimCHOWDHURY  [Read my profile before you fol 2011-10-25 12:11:05
yes nice image .. very like this tone.. awsome.
tehkici 2011-10-25 12:17:55
BAD DOG DIABOLO 2011-10-25 12:22:35
The life. Nice shot
concerned arch 2011-10-25 12:38:56
Encore une scene magnifique et magnifiquement photographiée!!
StephanieB. 2011-10-25 12:44:16
J'ai beaucoup de plaisir à regarder,le matin ton superbe reportage sur l'Indonésie !!!
Subtile gestion de la lumière !
fifich@t - OFFforever 2011-10-25 12:54:43
"Thanks for sharing this pic and for the info!"

bokage 2011-10-25 12:58:13
Magnifique petite scène de vie !
Un très beau portrait ! J'aime le détail des orteils qui émergent !
veroclic (trop peu présente pour l'instant....) 2011-10-25 13:02:28
A feast for my Eyes Award.
We AWARD you for your excellent work in A FEAST FOR MY EYES
*A Feast for my Eyes*
plain aftermath 2011-10-25 13:33:25
vigorous suggestion 2011-10-25 13:38:59
jumbled development 2011-10-25 13:50:43
Toujours cette précision dans l'art et la manière de mettre en scène ..
Une nouvelle un fantastique portrait. on ressent toute la concentration de cette travailleuse
Nes’ Photographie  2011-10-25 14:38:32
lovely capture
love these village scenes
Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )
Tony Shertila 2011-10-25 15:04:33
Please add this beautiful photo to "PHOTOS pour TOUS - PHOTOS for ALL".
Merci d'ajouter cette MERVEILLEUSE photo sur "PHOTOS pour TOUS - PHOTOS for ALL".


Jean-Jacques DELCAMPE 2011-10-25 15:18:49
"Thanks for sharing"

Bruna Di Pietrantonio 2011-10-25 15:39:43
Très belle photo
cafard cosmique 2011-10-25 16:31:20
Loving the information with the image, wonderful piece of work my friend.
well-groomed loaf 2011-10-25 16:35:38
tu sais toujours saisi l'instant et il se dégage des tes photos beaucoup d'émotions
bravo, ce reportage quotidien est un régal et un voyage qui réchauffe le coeur
ghislaine_m 2011-10-25 16:47:41
Great candid in the terrace house activity.
Selamat sore dear Jean.
eko winarno 2011-10-25 18:11:04
Great portrait, very intense scene!!!
Good shot, perfect mnagement of light and composition!!! Cogratulation, i like:-) A really good job!!!
Bianca come il latte...

[ via 'FlickrCentral' group on flickriver  --vinxy85 ]
vinxy85 2011-10-25 18:46:14
muy buena toma me gusta felicidades un saludo
PHENIX. 2011-10-25 18:57:09
k4eyv 2011-10-25 19:11:14
very nice candid !
Dyahniar Labenski 2011-10-25 19:15:51
wow this is expensive traditional goods :)
did you buy it ? :)
excellent capture Dear JM
Toraja Bali 2011-10-25 19:46:52
Belle capture
Pantchoa 2011-10-25 20:23:34
Nice shot!
Hanga_tran 2011-10-25 21:38:15
J'aime ton voyage à travers l'Indonésie !!!
telomi 2011-10-25 21:39:53
good shot
TanJil RaFi 2011-10-25 21:57:07
excellent portrait my friend
babau fotos 2011-10-25 23:03:49
Another exquisite composition!
puthoOr photOgraphy 2011-10-25 23:05:38
wonderful compo
three plants 2011-10-25 23:36:20
Excelente toma, muy buena la edición y composición Jean. Feliz día, Antoñita y Pepe.

Excellent shot, very good editing and compositing Jean. Happy day, Antoñita & Pepe.
Joseiba y Antoñita  2011-10-25 23:43:13
Wonderful to see the historic crafts xx
Lilla~Rose 2011-10-26 00:01:36
Good documental capture!
NIce colours and lighting!
JRodrigues. 2011-10-26 00:04:31
Beautiful shot of one of those crafts that in time will disappear...great capture
Fouquier ॐ 2011-10-26 00:51:33
Excellent work
GlobeTrotter 2000 2011-10-26 01:04:43
Tout à fait d'accord avec les autres, j'attends ta photo tous les jours avec plaisir.
Beau travail.
Nijule 2011-10-26 01:06:35
Grazie JM
dido2011 2011-10-26 02:10:51
Wow great shot
I like it
Razan alhammad استغفر الله 2011-10-26 03:16:40
Excellent Picture ... Love the atmosphere of serenity !
Charlottine'sPics - 2011-10-26 04:03:42
Superb perspective!
sydbad 2011-10-26 04:55:04
Nice capture of people's traditional culture in Lombok. They produce beautiful hand-made fabric!
sigitdjatmiko 2011-10-26 05:48:47
natural photoghraph...nice 1
U C H E N G YA U C H E N G 2011-10-26 07:21:28
Nise shot of woman worker!
retno s 2011-10-26 07:56:58
creating colour and beauty with colourless tools! Beautiful insight!
lovely star 2011-10-26 13:49:07
Very successful because of the many layers.(of image that is, not cloth!)
rafton 2011-10-27 03:17:35
Seen in “Photograph is Memory” Group

Photograph is Memory
denismartin 2011-10-28 04:23:49
buenisima foto!!
umanitis 2011-10-30 08:28:42
thanks for the information and for sharing these lovely images of Lombok!
PNike (Prashanth Naik) 2011-10-30 11:47:12

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